2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Having An Above-Ground Dog Fence Installed In Your Backyard

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2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Having An Above-Ground Dog Fence Installed In Your Backyard

If you have recently moved into a new home with a large yard, you may have decided to fence off part of it so that your dog can roam and play freely. Because you do not want to install an underground fence, you may have opted for one that is above ground.

However, before you have the fence installed, you need to think carefully about its design to ensure that your dog remains safe and cannot escape. Below are a couple of questions to ask yourself before having an above-ground dog fence installed in your home's backyard.

1. What Behaviors Will You Need to Address with the Fence's Design to Keep Your Dog from Getting Out?

One thing that you should ask yourself about before having a dog fence installed has to do with your dog's behavior. Think about how your dog acts outside, and ask yourself whether they are a jumper, digger, or chewer.

Since these behaviors can lead to your dog escaping the fence, the design of the fence will need to counteract them, such as building a tall, strong metal fence that has several feet underground. A fence contractor can help review these behavioral concerns with you and give you recommendations for how to deal with them when designing a fence specifically for your dog.

2. What Property Features Do You Need to Keep Outside of the Fence to Ensure the Well-being of Your Dog?

Another question you should consider before installing a fence for your dog is the features on the property. Look around the backyard to see if you find anything that would be unsafe for your dog to be around, such as harmful plants and trees.

You should also look at any utility features, such as the plumbing cleanout or the gas meter. Since other parties will need to access these, you do not want them within the dog's enclosure to protect them as well as to keep them from letting your dog out.

When choosing an above-ground fence to create a safe place in your backyard for your dog, you should first think about their behaviors so that the design can help keep them from jumping, digging, or chewing their way out. You should also consider features that could harm your dog as well as those that will need to be accessed by other people to ensure they are not inside the enclosure. For additional help making a choice, contact a contractor who offers dog fencing installation services in your area. 

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