Why Do People Choose Vinyl Fencing Over Wood?

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Why Do People Choose Vinyl Fencing Over Wood?

Wood fencing is affordable, attractive, and comes in many different styles. For years, wood was the go-to fence material. So, you might be wondering why you're starting to see more vinyl fences and fewer wood fences in your area. The short answer is that while wood fencing can be a great choice, vinyl does have some distinct advantages over wood as a fencing material. People who choose vinyl fencing over wood often do so for one or more of the following reasons.

Vinyl does not need to be scraped, treated, or painted.

Wood fencing does need to be finished in some way in order to protect it from the elements. Some people choose to paint their wood fences. Others choose to treat them with stain and a waterproofing agent. This can be a lot of work, especially because you have to scrape, reseal, or repaint the fence every few years. Vinyl fencing does not require any of this upkeep. You do not have to paint it or seal it. You never have to scrape flaking paint off of it. In other words, vinyl fencing is a really low-maintenance option that will save you time. You won't have to pay for paint or stain when you buy a vinyl fence, either.

Insects are not attracted to vinyl.

Wood bees, termites, and carpenter ants all love wood. These insects are all a big nuisance in certain areas. If you choose a vinyl fence, you won't have to worry about them ruining your fence or swarming around your property. You won't have to spend money or time on applying pesticides, either.

Vinyl does not splinter and crack.

Wood fences are great when they are in good condition, but they do not stay in good condition for very long. Once a wood fence ages and starts deteriorating, it can splinter, and those splinters can scrape and hurt you. They are particularly likely to hurt pets or children. Vinyl fencing does not break very easily. It bends just a little, which means it does not snap very often. If vinyl does break, it does not splinter, which makes it a safer choice for yards where kids and pets will be spending their time.

Vinyl fencing has become popular for good reasons. Not only is it attractive, but it offers a few key benefits when compared to wood fencing. Reach out to a vinyl fencing company to learn more. 

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