Could Vinyl Be The Final Fence Your Yard Will Ever Need?

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Could Vinyl Be The Final Fence Your Yard Will Ever Need?

When you're thinking about adding a new fence at home or replacing an existing fence that's well past its prime, it's perfectly natural to have a good look at the various fences in your neighborhood. That perfectly symmetrical wooden fence with its clean lines could be a good bet, as could that fence with a metallic finish. And what about that polished cement fence further down the street? Any of these options would look great in your yard, but it can be hard to decide. Have you ever considered that all these diverse types of fences might be made from the same material?

Strength and Versatility 

Vinyl fencing might not immediately be the most obvious candidate for your yard, but its strength and versatility mean it's become a more common sight in neighborhoods. But at the same time, just because you're seeing a vinyl fence, it doesn't mean that you'll know it.

Replicating the Look

Any fencing company can provide a vinyl fence in the height and design of your choosing, but there needs to be more of a choice. What would you like the fencing to look like? Vinyl can replicate many common types of fence and could be manufactured to resemble wood, cement, or even metal. It will look just like its chosen finish, but the physical composition of the fence will understandably be different. In many cases, it will be superior.

Wood Finish

Say you choose a vinyl fence in a wood finish, simply because you appreciate the look of a wooden fence. Whether a wooden fence is made of pickets or panels enclosed in a frame, its paint will eventually peel under the onslaught of UV light, and the wood will slowly become brittle. It's also susceptible to mold, rot, and insect infestation. Of course, it's possible to avoid these issues by properly maintaining the fence's material. Then again, you might not want to have to do this.

Low Maintenance

A vinyl fence can replicate other types of fencing material without needing the maintenance of these materials, and this is the key appeal. You don't need to sand, repaint, or worry about insects boring their way into the fence structure. All you need to do is occasionally wash the fence with a garden hose. No fence is entirely maintenance-free, but a vinyl fence is about as close as you can get.

When style and privacy are combined with the bare minimum of required maintenance, vinyl might be the final fence your home will need.

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