Repairing The Most Common Issues Your Fence Can Encounter

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Repairing The Most Common Issues Your Fence Can Encounter

Wooden fences are a popular option for homeowners that want an attractive and effective option for their properties. Unfortunately, wood fences can suffer significant damage over the years that will require prompt repairs in order to preserve the overall appearance and effectiveness of the fences.

Rotting Boards

Depending on the age of your wood fence, there could be a risk of the boards and posts starting to rot. When these components begin the process of rotting, they can become extremely weak, which can make it easier for a person or animal to break through them. Additionally, rotting fences can be an eyesore that most people will want to eliminate from their properties. Once rot starts to form, the impacted pieces of wood will have to be fully replaced. Ideally, this should be done soon after the rot starts to form since this can reduce the likelihood of it spreading to other nearby components. Applying a wood sealant or a weatherproof paint coating can significantly reduce the risk of this occurring by preventing moisture from seeping into the wood.  

Loose Fence Posts

Loose fence posts can be a significant problem for the fence. Over time, the soil around the fence posts can wash away. If this occurs, it can lead to the support for the fence post drastically decreasing, which can lead to stability issues. Eventually, this can result in the fence post completely falling over, which could take a large section of the fence with it. One solution to this problem can be to pour cement along the base of the fence post so that it can more effectively anchor it in place. However, any soil that washes away from the base should be replaced. If this is a regularly occurring problem, using gravel to support the fence post may promote drainage so that erosion can be less problematic.

Deep Cracks

Deep cracks forming in the wood posts or planks can be a noticeable cosmetic issue for the fence. However, these damages can also lead to major structural problems for the fence. One way that this occurs is due to the cracks providing a path for moisture to reach the interior of the wood. Painting and sealing these cracks can lessen the risk of this occurring, but if you are not diligent about maintaining these coatings, the cracks can be sites of future rot. For smaller cracks, you may be able to lessen any cosmetic issues that are caused by using a resin that is designed to fill gaps in wood as this can discretely close these gaps.

Reach out to a local fence contractor to learn more.

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