2 Ways To Minimize Labor Costs In A Fence Installation Project

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2 Ways To Minimize Labor Costs In A Fence Installation Project

When you are installing a new fence, it is always advisable to hire fence installation contractors so that you get a quality job done. However, in a bid to save money on labor costs, many homeowners often prefer to conduct a DIY fence installation. Unfortunately, despite a DIY fence installation saving you money on labor costs, it doesn't always produce quality results, especially if the person conducting the DIY project is not adequately experienced.

Nonetheless, there are several ways you can still save money on labor costs when you hire professional fence installation contractors. Thus, you do not need to sacrifice the quality of the fence installation by conducting a DIY project to save money on labor costs.

With that said, here are two ways you can save money on labor costs when conducting a fence installation project.

Get as Many Estimates as Possible 

Typically, a professional fence installation contractor's wages range between $17 and $25 an hour. Thus, if you are looking to save money on labor costs, it is advisable to consider hiring fencing contractors on the cheaper side. To find a cost-friendly fence installer, collecting as many estimates as possible from potential fence installation companies is advisable. Remember, different fencing contractors charge different hourly rates.

Thus, if you pick the first fencing contractor you come across, chances are you might be missing out on a contractor who charges less per hour. However, when you collect several estimates, you can compare and contrast the hourly rates of the different fencing contractors and choose a reasonably priced contractor.

For instance, suppose the contractors estimate the fence installation will take four days at a working rate of eight hours a day. In that case, a contractor charging $25 an hour will charge you $800 for the entire project. On the other hand, a contractor charging $20 an hour will charge you a total of $640 for the same project.

Thus, by opting for the contractor charging $20/hr instead of a contractor charging $25/hr, you get to save a total of $160 on labor.

Pay Attention to the Weather 

A common mistake homeowners make is scheduling a fence installation project without considering the weather. Remember, a change in weather can result in delays.

For instance, you might ask the contractors to report on a particular date. However, the weather report for that date might predict rain, snow, or even a heatwave. Thus, at some point during the fence installation, the contractors may have to halt their work while they wait for the rain or snow to subside.

However, despite the delay caused by the weather, you will still have to cover the contractors' wages for the full day. Additionally, because of the delay caused by weather, completion of the fence installation project may have to get extended by an additional day, thus costing you more money on labor.

To avoid such a scenario, make a point of checking the weather report before scheduling a fence installation project. Ideally, it is advisable to schedule the project during the summer or autumn because the weather patterns during spring and winter can lead to work delays. 

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