4 Popular Styles To Choose From When Installing A Wooden Fence

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4 Popular Styles To Choose From When Installing A Wooden Fence

Wooden fences are trendy for homeowners because they provide privacy from outsiders and weather elements. They have been around for decades and beat many other materials because of their aesthetic beauty. The fences also come in a wide array of styles and you can choose the ones best suited for your overall exterior décor and security. Here are the four most popular types to consider when installing a wooden fence around your property. 

Convex Style

The convex wooden fence is one of the most popular styles to choose from. You can choose the custom-made convex style fences with their standard height or have yours made to better suit your needs. The border humps up at the top and arcs to create additional privacy for your home. The fence is solid and high enough to keep prying eyes off your property. It is an excellent fence material for pets and little children that you want to protect from climbing over the fence. The fence will perform well in places with low and moderate speed winds. 

Board on Board Fences  

The board on board fence design does not allow it to maximize privacy around your property. The panels have spaces between them, enabling the breeze to pass through. However, many people prefer the alternative because it has better aesthetics than the picket fence and looks excellent on both sides. The designers have created it so that the boards alternate one another on a central rail. If you want to customize the fence, you can install the slat panels closer to one another and still allow the breeze to pass through them. The board on board fence needs extra care during the design process. 

Lattice Top Fence

The lattice top fence brings class into your backyard when correctly installed. It follows elaborate patterns while still offering excellent privacy for your property. It also gives everyone a sense of security because of the closely-knit wood slats. You should choose mold-resistant materials for the fence to avoid damages from moisture accumulation at the top. 

Locking Boards

Locking board fences have a lattice design from top to bottom. They create a solid wall, preventing anyone outside the property from seeing inside. The plan also blocks airflow around your property. 

Speak to a fence installation company about the wooden fence styles they can comfortably install in your yard. They will help you choose the ideal wood species. Also, they will create a robust, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing fence around your property. 

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