Fence Features To Discourage Climbing

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Fence Features To Discourage Climbing

Your fence company can help you adapt your fence so it can best perform the functions you need from it. If you need your fence to keep pets, kids, or wild critters from climbing over it, for example, you can choose one of several different features to help discourage climbing.

Here are some of the top features to consider if you need your fence to discourage climbing.

1. Roll bars

In some cases, a pet such as a dog or a wild critter such as a coyote or raccoon may try to climb your fence. A freely rolling horizontal bar at the top can make it more difficult for them to get a grip and make their way over the top of the fence. This type of roll bar is sometimes referred to as a coyote bar as well.

Keep in mind that a roll bar won't keep an animal from leaping over a short fence, and roll bars aren't typically recommended for kids.

2. Increased height

Some animals may be able to climb a medium-height fence but may feel daunted when faced with a sky-high fence. Adding a fence topper to put a couple more feet onto your fence's height may help discourage climbing by some types of animals. It may also discourage people, such as neighborhood kids, from climbing over.

3. Humane bird spikes

If you're trying to discourage animals such as cats and squirrels who like to sit on top of fences once they've climbed up, a humane bird spikes strip (the ones made of plastic rather than metal) may help you. These spiky plastic strips make sitting on top of the fence uncomfortable, but they don't actually harm the animal in question. However, keep in mind that these plastic strips are less likely to work against a larger animal or a human.

4. Specialized electric fence wire

Finally, running one strand of an electric fence product along the top of your fence could help keep wild animals such as raccoons from climbing over it. You won't want to use electric fencing where humans might touch it, but it can be helpful against animals. Your fence company can help you install an electric fence strand that's unpleasant for animals to touch, yet still safe and non-hazardous. 

These are just some of the add-ons you can install on your fence to help deter climbing. Your fence company can help you decide which add-ons are right for your situation. Then, you can work with your fence company to add these to an existing fence or even design a fence that has climbing deterrents built-in.

A fencing company, such as Mills Fence, can help you decide what fence to install on your property. 

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