Reasons To Consider Cedar Wood Fencing

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Reasons To Consider Cedar Wood Fencing

You can install a fence around your property for various reasons, including aesthetics, security, and privacy. Wood fencing is a good choice, but there are different wood types to choose from, which can be overwhelming. While wood fences, such as oak and pine, are good choices, consider cedar wood fencing for the following reasons.

Insect Repellent

Termites and carpenter ants are destructive insects that feed on wood and can weaken your wooden fence and cause it to collapse. Hence, the insects can cause significant financial losses. Fortunately, cedar wood fencing contains natural oils that repel termites and carpenter ants. The insect repellent properties eliminate the extra costs of treating the wood with insecticides.


Wood wears down over time due to exposure to weather elements. For instance, the wood may rot due to excess moisture or crack due to intense heat. The sun's UV rays can also cause fading of the wood.

Fortunately, cedar wood fencing contains natural oils that preserve the wood. Hence, cedar won't quickly fade, warp, or break, and the fence can last for years. Also, cedar develops a silvery appearance as it weathers, maintaining its aesthetic value. You can also increase your fence's lifespan through staining, sealant application, and wood treatment.

Sound and Temperature Control

Cedar contains air pockets within its structure, which help control the noise. Ideally, a privacy fence can reduce the noise by its design. However, cedar's air pockets reduce the noise further. Hence, you can avoid noise problems with cedar wood fencing, especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood.

Also, the air pockets provide insulation and help control temperature. Therefore, your yard becomes warmer in cold seasons and colder in hot seasons. This increases your yard's comfort.

Low Maintenance

Cedar fencing repels insects and is not susceptible to damage due to its natural oils. Hence, cedar requires less maintenance compared to other wood fences. You may need an initial protective coating, but subsequent coating applications are optional. You can apply the layer after several years. Other maintenance practices include inspecting the fence for breakages and fixing the damage.

Easy Installation

Cedar has air pockets which makes the wood lighter than other wood types. Remember that installing heavy fencing materials requires more time and labor, which increases the installation costs. You may even need machines to lift heavy fencing materials. Fortunately, installing cedar wood fencing is fast, easy, and affordable due to the lightweight nature of cedar.

Cedar wood fencing is durable, easy to install, insect repellent, low maintenance, and controls temperature and noise. Consider installing a cedar fence for these reasons.

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